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Living in the End Times 12" LP

Living in the End Times 12" LP

10 tracks of post-apocalyptic themed hardcore hip-hop. Scored by C-Lance and Johnny Slash with an intermission from Young Bangas. 


12" black vinyl shrinkwrapped. Shipping now.


Side A:

A1 - Outlaws of Outerspace

A2 - Road Warriors ft. King Magnetic

A3 - Audio Assault ft. Welles Maddingly

A4 - The Time Has Come ft. Nightwalker and A.M. Early Morning

A5 - Terry Funk Syndrome


Side B:

B1 - End Times Intermission

B2 - The Game is Over ft. ILL ZakieL and Benny Holiday

B3 - Mass Panic

B4 - Wasteland ft. Outcastgawd Lord El

B5 - Class Act



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